Corporate Sites

Lendlease Group is a multinational property and infrastructure company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Eco-Cycled is introducing We-Refill as a Lendlease partner providing hydration technologies to a number of Lendlease construction sites which will ensure Workplace Health and Safety for workers as well as provide hydration data to feed into long term employee health data and
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On Tour

BIGSOUND Conference Brisbane is a unique combination of musicians, music lovers and industry experts from across the globe assemble in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley to explore Australia’s ever-evolving music industry, build new relationships and experience the next wave of music from Australia and beyond.We-Refill sponsored the event with several water fountain installations, featuring filtered, chilled and
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H2O by Design

We-Refill collaborates and works with a variety of Councils, corporate and non-profit organisations providing a wide range of product designs to reduce or avoid plastic waste as well as providing innovative solutions for a healthy and secure hydration in environments with less or no sustainable drinking water alternatives. For any requests, ideas and further information,
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