Australia's Sustainable Hydration

It starts with one bottle, We-Refill Every Day, Avoid Single Use


We-Refill™ is a new concept that seeks to offer the consumer a choice when it comes to water. We-Refill™ is a movement that is based on collaboration with community and people to provide water to refill reusable bottles. Profit, People, Planet, is #WeRefill's driving force.

We set out to challenge how communities can reduce the impact single use water bottles have on our planet, there are so many things we can do to reduce the scourge of single use plastics through consumer choice. Water bottles are one that we have been conditioned to and forced into a delivery system that pollutes and is expensive. We have all been led to believe we are buying water We are not, we are paying to have water collected, filtered, wrapped in plastic and then transported to be delivered to consumers as a convenient Fast consumer product.
We-refill take tap water and developed filtering and re-energizing H2O systems to provide our community with a healthy sustainable delivery system even providing consumers with a choice of Chilled, Ambient and Sparkling without the environmental damage of single use Plastic water bottle.
Take back your consumer choice and refill with We-Refill!

We are working with amazing mentors, family and friends along a huge journey of believing in a great brand, movement and inspiration for a cleaner economy.

Together we can all make a difference one step at a time. So join the movement by liking and sharing #WeRefill's message.