All The Way To The Ocean

We-Refill are proud to present the educational book 'All the way to the ocean' by Author Joel Harper.

The children’s book All the Way to the Ocean, a tale about stormwater pollution and its effects on marine life, it's making it cool for kids to pick up trash. “I wrote this book from the perspective of think globally, act locally,” said Joel Harper, the book’s author and publisher. “Picking up trash can have a big impact, and anyone can do it.”

James throws a plastic bottle in the gutter and doesn't believe that it will go all the way to the ocean. His friend Isaac warns James about the consequences of his littering. There begins the adventures of James and Isaac as they learn about the harmful effects of storm drain pollution, and in turn, spread the word to their friends and the rest of their school. Helping the kids along this journey are a concerned Crane from the coast line, a surprisingly insightful Surfer Dude and James' Mom.

"All the Way to the Ocean is an opportunity to learn about how our actions link directly back to nature. Collectively and individually, we have a great responsibility to protect the ocean and the wonderful creatures that live there. If we all do just a little, together we can give a lot."
— Big Wave Surfer, Laird Hamilton

"All the Way to the Ocean is an educational and inspiring story that illustrates that everyone, no matter how small, can make a difference in helping the ocean and the animals that live there. The Aquarium of the Pacific believes in empowering people of all ages because together we can ensure a better future for our ocean planet."
— Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA

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