Chino Water Festival

Chino water festival We-refill on tour USA.What a amazing event to launch at in the USA, thank you to everyone that came and saw us and refilled h2o. Great conversations all day and huge support from everone.The kids loved being given the opportunity to choose to refill. Reducing single use h2o bottles with every refill.

Corporate Sites

Lendlease Group is a multinational property and infrastructure company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Eco-Cycled is introducing We-Refill as a Lendlease partner providing hydration technologies to a number of Lendlease construction sites which will ensure Workplace Health and Safety for workers as well as provide hydration data to feed into long term employee health data and
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On Tour

BIGSOUND Conference Brisbane is a unique combination of musicians, music lovers and industry experts from across the globe assemble in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley to explore Australia’s ever-evolving music industry, build new relationships and experience the next wave of music from Australia and beyond.We-Refill sponsored the event with several water fountain installations, featuring filtered, chilled and
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H2O by Design

We-Refill collaborates and works with a variety of Councils, corporate and non-profit organisations providing a wide range of product designs to reduce or avoid plastic waste as well as providing innovative solutions for a healthy and secure hydration in environments with less or no sustainable drinking water alternatives. For any requests, ideas and further information,
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lets take a stand

#Plasticfreejuly, you can make the choice to go bottle free. This short story helps us as consumers make impacting choices. Our mission is to make water more accessible in our communities through becoming more aware of where you can choose clean healthy water from and get back our consumer choice. The Story of Bottled Water